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Addiction affects everyone differently and when it comes to treating the disease, men and women have very different needs during their recovery so gender specific substance abuse programs are very beneficial. In Albany, Georgia, Opiate Treatment and Rehabilitation Center provides recovery services for adult women that have become dependent on prescription medications or addicted to other opiate drugs.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for Women in Georgia

Opiate Treatment and Rehabilitation Center offers outpatient services so that women 18 and older are able to receive help for their addiction and still be able to tend to their children, careers, education and other responsibilities at the same time. Many women have become addicted to painkillers, stimulant medications and other opiates and even though they want to receive help for their drug use, they're unable to be away from their responsibilities at home.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Women Addicted to Opiate Drugs

Opiate Treatment and Rehabilitation Center is designed to specifically treat women's needs during their recovery from opioid dependence and other prescription drug addictions. Women receive medically assisted treatment during their recovery process and medications are available to assist those that are suffering from addiction to painkillers, heroin and other opiate drugs.

Treatment Plans Are Personalized For Women

Outpatient recovery services at Opiate Treatment and Rehabilitation Center include a variety of intensive personalized programs that are specifically designed to address all areas of concern for each individual client. Therefore, women receive treatment plans during their recovery for addiction that focus on their own unique needs so that they can not only remain clean in the future, but also greatly improve all aspects of their life.

Opiate Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Albany, Georgia provides women with one-on-one counseling, group and family counseling, addiction and prevention education, parenting education, life skills, and many other forms of help. Women are able to successfully stop using painkillers and other prescription drugs because they receive the individual help they need to be productive and successful without them.

Treatment & Rehab Services Offered
  • Mental health services
  • Criminal justice clients
  • Residential long-term treatment
  • Sliding fee scale
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Military insurance
  • Self payment
  • Men
  • State financed insurance
  • Partial hospitalization/day treatment
  • Medicare
  • Outpatient
  • Substance abuse treatment services
  • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
  • Persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Medicaid
  • Pregnant/postpartum women
  • Mix of mental health and substance abuse services
  • Adolescents
  • DUI/DWI offenders
  • Residential short-term treatment
  • General health services
  • Hospital inpatient
  • Payment assistance
  • Residential beds for client's children
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Private health insurance
  • Detoxification
  • Women
  • Spanish
  • Seniors/older adults
  • Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
  • Gays and Lesbians
  • Methadone detoxification
  • Halfway house

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