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The number of people needing substance abuse treatment is increasing throughout the United States due to the growing amount of individuals addicted to prescription drugs, abusing synthetic designer drugs, or abusing heroin and other street drugs. Alcohol is the most abused substance among young and older people today besides the use of marijuana and due to excessive drinking and chronic use the need for treatment is in high demand.

Gambling Addiction

There are also thousands of people struggling with life because their gambling is out of control and their lives are falling apart because they're unable to stop. Many pathological gamblers also have a drinking problem and they're unable to control either addiction and are in desperate need of help. Although many compulsive gamblers are unable to see their behavior as addiction, their lives and often their loved ones lives are deeply affected by their out of control gambling. When a person stops gambling if they're addicted, there are symptoms of withdrawal experienced such as irritability, anxiety, agitation and depression so they often will continue to gamble unless they receive help.

Carlton Facility for Addictions is a treatment center that recognizes the fact that addiction of any kind is an illness that requires understanding, knowledge, effective treatment and positive support to overcome. Their staff is dedicated to helping people overcome their addiction and tailor treatment programs that are designed to address their client's individual recovery addiction needs.

Both residential addiction treatment and outpatient addiction are provided by Carlton Facility for Addictions which is located in Elgin, Illinois. Inpatient treatment provides a substance free atmosphere, medically supervised detoxification, intensive therapy and group support for individuals suffering from chronic long term addiction issues. Outpatient treatment is a level of care for those dealing with gambling problems, compulsive shopping issues, and substance abuse disorders that are much less intense.

If addiction is destroying your life or the life of someone you care about, Carlton Facility for Addictions will design a treatment plan that provides the necessary level of care and tools you need to turn your life around. There's no cure for addiction but there is healing and recovery so you can successfully live your life free and happy again. Let your journey toward freedom from addiction begin with a professional staff that's as dedicated toward your long term recovery success as you are.

Treatment & Rehab Services Offered
  • Men
  • Substance abuse treatment services
  • Partial hospitalization/day treatment
  • Self payment
  • ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired
  • General health services
  • Sliding fee scale
  • Hospital inpatient
  • Methadone detoxification
  • Medicare
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Pregnant/postpartum women
  • Gays and Lesbians
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Residential beds for client's children
  • Spanish
  • Women
  • Halfway house
  • DUI/DWI offenders
  • Residential short-term treatment
  • Private health insurance
  • Outpatient
  • Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
  • Military insurance
  • Mix of mental health and substance abuse services
  • Detoxification
  • Payment assistance
  • State financed insurance
  • Criminal justice clients
  • Medicaid
  • Residential long-term treatment
  • Seniors/older adults
  • Adolescents
  • Mental health services

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    Brendon R. 8 years ago

    When you are dealing with a substance abuse problem, finding specialized help is the first step to making sure that you can get over the addiction and move on with your life. The Carlton Facility for Addictions in Elgin, Illinois is designed to provide specialized help for a wide variety of different types of substance abuse problems, so no matter what ails you, the help that you need is just around the corner. This drug rehab facility will treat not only the physical addiction but the emotional aspects of addiction as well, including any underlying causes that are making the substance abuse problem unbearable for you.

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    James Price 7 years ago

    Please call me I need help! Everybody wants a ton of money please help me call 317-544-8637

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