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Boston, MA Addiction Treatment

Rehab Facility Address Mailing Address
42 Upton Street and
24 Hanson Street
Boston MA Massachusetts, 02118
42 Upton Street
P.O. Box 18429
Boston MA Massachusetts, 02118

Languages: English, Spanish

In Massachusetts if someone eighteen or older needs help for drugs or alcohol they can find the personalized care they need from Hope House in Boston. Hope House Inc. is a drug and alcohol rehab center that helps men and women effectively take back control and learn how to live clean and sober embracing sobriety.

Personalized drug and alcohol treatment services provided by Hope House in Boston include a residential substance abuse program for men and outpatient addiction programs for both men and women seeking recovery. Most people have struggled with substance abuse for quite some time prior to receiving treatment so living clean and sober can be extremely challenging and difficult.

Hope House Inc. addresses each client's life situation and personal substance abuse problems separately and provides them with personalized skills and tools to effectively deal with stresses and challenges and avoid relapse. Hope House in Boston has been providing effective drug and alcohol abuse treatment to adults since 1955.

Treatment & Rehab Services Offered
  • Halfway house
  • Criminal justice clients
  • Residential long-term treatment
  • Men
  • Payment assistance
  • Spanish
  • Substance abuse treatment services
  • Substance abuse treatment

Free 24 Hour Support and Placement Assistance - 800-839-1663


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