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1415 Elm Street
Manchester NH New Hampshire, 03101

There's a definite need today for substance abuse programs that provide opiate treatment because prescription pain medications, heroin and other opiates are so heavily abused. Opiate addiction isn't easily overcome for most people either especially if they've been dependent on them for a long period of time. Cravings and uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal make it very difficult for a person to remain drug free on a daily basis unless they receive individual treatment and help.

Fortunately medications like Methadone are utilized in many opiate treatment programs throughout the United States today so that people can manage their cravings and withdrawal symptoms while they work toward their recovery. Methadone treatment has been successfully used for many years now treating opiate dependence because the medication helps people focus on making positive changes in their life instead of fighting back daily drug cravings.

Opiate Treatment Program in New Hampshire

Individuals who are seeking outpatient help for their opiate addiction can receive effective treatment from Habit OPCO located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Each of their clients receives full assessments by Habit OPCO's medical and clinical staff first during their "extensive intake process" before receiving their individualized methadone treatment plan. Their clients are also educated about methadone maintenance and receive counseling and other services as well.

Habit OPCO has 19 opioid treatment programs and treats all of their clients with dignity and respect. Even though everyone's treatment needs are different, opiate addiction affects all areas of a person's life. Clients receiving help from Habit OPCO for their opiate dependence can rest assured that all areas of concern will be addressed so they're able to obtain a lifestyle that's drug free and develop the skills needed to maintain it.

Treatment & Rehab Services Offered
  • Methadone detoxification
  • Pregnant/postpartum women
  • Outpatient
  • Detoxification
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Self payment
  • Women
  • Medicaid
  • Persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Private health insurance
  • Men
  • Substance abuse treatment services

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