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Newark, NJ Addiction Treatment

Rehab Facility Address Mailing Address
687 Frelinghuysen Avenue
Newark NJ New Jersey, 07114
687 Frelinghuysen Avenue
Newark NJ New Jersey, 07114

Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish

In New Jersey due to the steep rise in opiate addiction many residents of the state suffer from this serious chronic condition and are unable to overcome opiate abuse. Opioid addiction when left untreated easily takes control of a person's life. With effective treatment, opiate dependent people can regain control and learn how to live and enjoy a lifestyle of sobriety.

Due to strong cravings, muscle and bone pain and other intense symptoms of opiate withdrawal most people can't overcome opioid addiction on their own. In Newark, New Jersey American Habitare and Counseling, Inc. helps opiate dependent people begin to heal, change their lives and successfully overcome substance abuse.

American Habitare provides quality methadone and suboxone treatment to opioid dependent client's eighteen and older. Addiction treatment at American Habitare is designed to meet the clients personal recovery needs. If you're addicted to opiates, alcohol or other drugs American Habitare and Counseling provides effective high quality substance abuse treatment and care.

Treatment & Rehab Services Offered
  • Detoxification
  • Methadone detoxification
  • Methadone maintenance
  • Substance abuse treatment services
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Spanish
  • Outpatient
  • Self payment
  • Private health insurance

Free 24 Hour Support and Placement Assistance - 800-839-1663


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