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Bath Salts Abuse

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Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) is a designer drug that's been around since 2007 and today is a dangerously abused drug around the world. Today this product is sold as Bath Salts but when seized the designer drug was called 'Ivory Wave'. The label on this product when marketed says 'for novelty use only' but people are buying this product to get high. Ivory wave can be found on Internet sites that are based in Europe and sold in 500 mg packs. There are United Kingdom based websites where MDVP can be found and the product is called 'Energy 1'. In Pennsylvania bath salts are found under the brand name Blizzard.

Bath Salts contain many amphetamine-like chemicals like mephedrone, pyrovalerone and Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. This designer drug is a man-made powder with hallucinogenic properties that's found online and in stores that sells drug paraphernalia and there are many names these bath salts are sold under. There are other locations these products can be found such as convenience stores, discount tobacco outlets, gas stations, pawnshops, tattoo parlors and truck stops.

Some of the names sound relaxing and gentle but for sure the effects of ivory wave, bath salts or whatever names the product is sold under isn't so pleasant.

Bath Salts Names

Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, Red Dove, Blue Silk, Charge+, Ivory Snow, Ocean Burst, Pure Ivory, Snow Leopard, Star Dust, Blizzard, White Dove, White Knight, White Lightening, Zoom, Boom, Cloud Nine, Ocean Snow, Lunar Wave, Vanilla Sky, White Lightning, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Plant Fertilizer, Plant Food and Energy-1.

Not much is known yet in the United States as far as the extent bath salts are abused but we do know from reports that the youth population seems to be the ones primarily using this designer drug. MDVP isn't approved for medical use in the United States and is not classified as a scheduled drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Bath Salts (MDPV) is also increasing in abuse in Australia and Europe.

The user of bath salts can snort, smoke, inject or mix it with water and drink it as a beverage to get high. Males and females that are in their teens up to people in their 40s abuse bath salts and they're usually people who have histories of drug use. Unfortunately there have been overdoses, numerous emergency room visits, and deaths throughout the world due to bath salts use.

Bath Salts (MDPV) Side Effects

There are severe side effects when using Bath Salts and they include tachycardia which is rapid heart-beat, hypertension which is high blood pressure, vasoconstriction which is constriction of the blood vessels and sweating. The high can last for 3 to 4 hours but the side effects can last up to 8 hours after administering the bath salts. If a person is stimulant intolerant and they use MDPV in high doses they can experience serious intense panic attacks that can last for a good length of time. Bath Salts users have said that they experienced psychosis that was brought on when they were sleep deprived and addiction after they used high doses of MDPV or when they used it frequently.


An example of the psychosis that's experienced happened to a man that barricaded him-self in the attic with a rifle wanting to kill monsters before the monsters killed him. Another bath salts user wanted to remove their liver with a mechanical pencil, so you must understand the psychosis that can be experienced is serious and definitely dangerous. Even though the 'trips' are miserable and uncomfortable for many people that use bath salts, people say the cravings for repeated use are very intense which causes some people to use the hallucinogenic bath salts again.

It's very sad today that there are so many people including adolescents, teens, and adults that want to escape reality and put themselves and others at risk doing so. There are so many toxic and poisonous chemicals in these drugs and people don't seem to care until they're lying in a hospital bed in the ER and medical professionals are working tirelessly around the clock trying to save their life. The highs, trips, euphoria, and rush that's experienced when people use drugs always comes with consequences and mental and physical costs.

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  1. Avatar
    Kurt U 12 years ago

    I thought I was safe from drug addiction because I'm not a lawbreaker. I've never gotten so much as a speeding ticket. I thought that anything sold over-the-counter was safe, so when my college friends talked me into trying some ivory wave I didn't see the harm in it. They said it would make the experience of the party more intense and way more fun. After snorting one line of the powder I was totally hooked. When I realized that I was addicted I decided to learn more about bath salts. When I was searching the Internet I learned that this stuff is a lot like cocaine. No wonder I was addicted!

    At first I didn't care that I was addicted. I thought I was enjoying my life. I thought that every night was an amazing party. The last thing on my mind was rehab. Fast forward six months and I had failed every class of my junior year. My grades were so bad that I was expelled from school. My friends and family were shocked. I used to be an amazing student. I'd cry over getting a B and only thought that As were good enough.

    My mom confronted me and asked why I was doing so poorly in school. I was at rock bottom and decided to be honest. She helped me get into rehab that night and I've been clean for almost three months. I have faith that I can stay clean forever and get back to school.

  2. Avatar
    Nancy P 12 years ago

    I used to smoke pot, but after my best friend was busted with a joint in his pocket I decided that I would never smoke pot again. I didn't want to give up drugs, so I started using bath salts. They were legal and easy to find almost anyway. It seemed so much better than pot, but next thing I knew I was more addicted to bath salts than I had ever imagined possible.

    I did crazy things while I was high. One time I almost jumped off the roof, thinking I could fly. It was only because my roommate stopped me in time that I didn't accidentally kill myself. Once I sobered up that night I realized that I had a big problem. Lucky for me, my roommate helped me get into rehab the next morning. That was almost six months ago. I've been clean ever since.

    I decided to change my college major to psychology. I want to be an addictions counselor. I hope I can help people as much as my counselors at rehab have helped me. They helped me figure out why I used pot in the first place, figure out why I was an addict and deal with the underlying issues that have been fueling my addiction for so long. I know now that I'll always be an addict, but I have the choice and power to be an addict in recovery instead of a high addict ruining his life and the lives of those around him.

  3. Avatar
    Pam Gramse 11 years ago

    Love this web site. As an owner and operator of an outpatient rehab facility this is a great resource of info and guidance. Thanks so much.

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