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Marijuana Anonymous

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Marijuana is the most commonly used drug throughout the United States, there are around 104 million Americans aged 12 years and older that have at least tried marijuana. Many people have found themselves addicted to marijuana and need support in order to recover from their dependency.

Marijuana Anonymous (MA) can offer you a life with hope and you can begin to live again through the Twelve Steps of Marijuana Anonymous and the Twelve Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous. Men and women come together sharing their strengths, hopes and experiences with each other while recovering from marijuana addiction. When people come together and they share the same addiction they're able to understand what the other person is going through. They learn from each other and help one another at the same time.

The only requirement for membership that MA has is the 'desire to stop using marijuana'. It doesn't cost anything because there are no dues or fees. Marijuana Anonymous is a self-supporting fellowship and this is done through their-own contributions, not through membership fees. Members of Marijuana Anonymous want to stay free of marijuana use and they want to help other marijuana addicts find the same freedom.

The basic 12 Steps of Recovery was founded by Alcoholics Anonymous and the reason that MA uses these same basic steps is because it's a proven fact that they work. The 12 Step Recovery Program has worked for thousands of people and they will work for you too. All you need is the desire to stop using marijuana.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from attending an MA meeting.

Marijuana addiction is a progressive illness that quite often leads to other drug addictions which includes alcohol for many people. I understand that admitting you're addicted to marijuana isn't always 'just that simple', sometimes people honestly aren't sure. View the Marijuana Anonymous Questionnaire then you can ask yourself the 12 questions to help you determine if you have a problem or not. If your answer is 'yes' to any of the questions you might have a problem with marijuana and MA members are there to help and support you if and when you need them.

Marijuana Anonymous meeting are just that, anonymous. Whatever is said at the meeting never leaves the meetings. There are 2 forms of MA meetings for individuals seeking support and recovery which are Marijuana Anonymous Land Meetings and Marijuana Anonymous Online Meetings. There are 8 Online Meetings each week and all that's asked is that people respect the etiquette of these meetings.

Marijuana Anonymous also offers information and suggestions for family members and friends of marijuana addicts. This way you can understand a little bit about the program and maybe find answers to some of the questions you may have.

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    Jill Mantette 12 years ago

    My addiction to marijuana is something I had a lot of trouble with because, at first, I legitimately did not believe that I had a problem. Marijuana is legal in places now, and people are beginning to accept it more socially, and so I didn't really acknowledge the issue as a real issue until it was too late. What was essentially casual use became something much more serious over time and I ended up realizing that I had a lot of anger and rage when I wasn't high. I knew I needed help but how was I going to get the help that I needed?

    I was lost. I needed help. I started calling around and I was eventually connected with a rehab program that was designed specifically for people with marijuana issues. They helped me plan out my recovery and welcomed me to their center where I could finally get the help that I needed.

    I haven't smoked a joint in eight months now. I have never felt so good in my life as the day I walked out of rehab and realized that I was completely in control of my life. I never plan on smoking weed again, because marijuana was ruining my life. People don't think marijuana is addictive but the truth is, it has a serious impact on you and can ruin your life before you know it. There's no reason to struggle so hard with substance abuse when the help you need is just around the corner.

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    Martin P. 12 years ago

    When I started doing marijuana, I was under the impression it wasn't harmful. All of my friends were smoking it, and so it made sense for me to smoke along with them. After all, it did not seem to be affecting anyone, except giving everyone a good time, right?

    It took me a long time to realize that what I was doing was wrong and that the drugs I was taking were impacting me even in situations where it did not seem like they were impacting me. Marijuana is a drug like any other, meaning that it is having an effect on your body, and your body is responding to its effects whether you realize it or not.

    Knowing this, finding this out, drove me to finally getting help for my addiction. I chose a rehab program especially designed for people with a marijuana addiction and it involved the use of marijuana anonymous techniques and principles to help me overcome my addiction and to move on with my life. I can safely say that I have now been completely drug free for a good long time, and I am actually becoming more active in helping people who are going through what I once went through. I am a mentor in the marijuana anonymous program and sharing my experience with those who need a strong mentor to help them overcome what ails them. If you're looking to overcome a marijuana addiction, rest assured that there are people in the same situation as you who are getting help and you can too.

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